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Detected in versionProject PlanDescription
3.2.300Import clientDate format dd/m/yyyy not correctly parsed when doing work list queries
3.2.400Study pageQuick menu visible in Firefox after double click
3.2.503Study PageViewing pane - Shift+drag does not work in Google Chrome 70.0 and Safari 12.0.1
3.3.1000Study administrationTime is incorrectly visualized in Study logging
3.3.0New viewerin Firefox, Pan-cursor is still active outside the viewer area, When releasing it over the series picker another series will be selected.
3.3.100Multi-monitormenu bar pops up when using shortcut 'ALT + drag&drop' in multimonitor appTransfer to PACSConcept Name Code Sequence not correct in generated SR objects for POW report
3.3.100Print reference number 'copy this information' button no longer works after printing a reference number. 
3.3.100CFindC-FIND Endpoint - PatientName is separated by '^' (=^+ space) instead of '^'
3.3.100ShareUser cannot edit the report, if sharing a study with "read and write access" to a user that already has read and share access (user group of source).
3.3.100ViewerLoading a study occasionally result in an exception on iPhone. Loads correctly when reopening study.
3.3.100PrintWhen printing an image the overlay data is not shown on the printDICOM RouterRouter fails on studies were accession nr is  suffixed with ASCII 0
3.3.100ViewerStudies with same frame of reference are not auto linked if the middle image of the different series doe snot have the same exact location.
3.3.100PrintUnable to print a single image in SafariViewerIf images from different series are grouped by reading protocol. They are not marked as watched and not set as currently shown in the series picker