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Release notes version 3.3.110 (29/01/2021)

Module  Release note
Token Based InterfacesShow RSW status and resend in study administration
Multi-MonitorAllow to split wide monitor in two 'virtual' monitors
AnnotationsLength loss and length ratio annotation
AccessShow to patient when report becomes available
ViewerActivate scroll function via context menu
ViewerAllow to restrict auto-compare option to certain modality types
ShareAllow to show list of procedures in custom print reference number template
ViewerButton to reload study
ViewerAllow to scroll 1 series using multiple monitors
ViewerAllow to activate scroll function using StreamDeck
WCFDon't overwrite procedure, received via HL7, by DICOM study description
WCFDon't return studies without images in CFind result
LoginUpdate cookie policy
ViewerAvoid double fetch operation by disabling button after click
ViewerImproved CT loading performance
ViewerAllow auto-compare with studies from the same order
StudiesProvide an indication in the anomalies overview if an anomaly is blocking access or is just informational
Token Based InterfacesRSW - Support different HCParty department types
ViewerMonitoring of study loading time
ViewerWhen tiling  'all series', apply  window leveling only to images of the same series
LoginAdd "Imprint" information to the login page
Image Viewing and ManipulationImprovements breast border detection
ViewerAdd documents to a study by "Drag and drop" in the documents viewport
Allowed file types: pdf, png, tif, rtf, jpeg, jpg and txt
WCFFIX: Anomaly - "Different national number from HL7" not mentioning previous national number
WCFFIX: C-FIND Endpoint - 'Modalities In Study' tag does not correctly return multiple values
WCFFIX: C-FIND Endpoint - 'Modalities in Study' parameter doesn't work
ViewerFIX: When printing an image, the overlay data is not shown
ViewerFIX: Real Time PNG generation in the UI project  always creates grayscale images
DownloadFIX: Report visible, independent of source settings, when downloading study
ViewerFIX: breast border does not update with multiple images in 1 viewport
ExploreFIX: sorting on column 'study status' doesn't work anymore

Release notes version 3.3.100 (07/11/2020)

Module  Release note
ExploreAllow to open explore page via URL integration
ViewerAllow to send an image or pdf documents as part of ORM
ViewerShortcut keys for the viewer can be customized (by Dobco)
StudiesMove study content to other study (fix-up)
Local Image CacheLocal image cache in case PACSonWEB is set up as a PACS
Client ConfigsAllow WCF client tot handle HL7 messages for multiple sources
ViewerImproved CT scrolling performance
GroupsClear message that you can not remove yourself form a group while being primary contact 
Token Based InterfacesRSW - Publish studies based on LastModificationDateTime instead of StudyDateTime
MPRImproved MPR scrolling performance
LoginPassword reset mail on second user request for registered physician ID
WCFSupport open date and time ranges in C-Find
LoginExtend default session timeout in PACSonWEB
StudiesAutomatically clear anomalies when patient merge is done/received
LoginAllow to return to log-in page from OTP page
ShareNotification that two factor does not apply in case a study is shared with a medical department
ViewerAllow to fetch images for HL7 filtered studies
ViewerShow all linked labels for study in study administration
LoginAdapt user manual URLs in mails to https to avoid triggering SPAM filters
ReportsLink to new viewer if PDF report is shown in the old viewer
LoginAdded option to resend pin code
StudiesAdded info on how to deactivate "Mail on new study" in mail template
DICOM ProcessorUpdate of StudyInstanceUID for studies processed by migration flow (not via WCF client)
Multi-MonitorDownload multi-monitor installer from portal with automated upgrade mechanism
Client ConfigsSupport multiple Transfer destinations on WCF client
LoginOTP setting "Remember this device for 30 days" not reset when IP changes
ExploreExpired studies without a report remain visible in explore page to allow fetch
ViewerDelete single images or series from a study or move to another study (split/merge)
Multi-MonitorSupport Stream Deck keypad in multi-monitor app
LoginAdd Responsible Disclosure policy to the login page
GlobalText next to TeamViewer button "Only start when in technical support"
WCFExtra tags can be included in CFind for PACS synchronization
ViewerAdditional user preferences for the  viewer
ViewerFetch based on accession number (in case Study Instance UID is unknown)
WCFHL7 - Update Performing Department and requesting department via ORM
DICOM ProcessorLink images to source Modality when sent directly to PACSonWEB
Token Based InterfacesUse TLS  2.0 for COZO communication
ViewerMore prominent fetch images button
ViewerImprovement in key images functionality (e.g. Option "show in original series")
WCFUpdate national number on an ADT merge message
ExploreExplore list available in multi monitor application and in separate tab in viewer.
PACS PushAdd support for StudyQueue based synchronization in WCF3
ExplorePACSonWEB UI optimized for mobile phone
LoginAdd "Resend OTP"-option in activation screen 
LoginUnlock user account when logging in with eID
ReportsFIX: QR Codes in templates are not printed in IE Explorer and Edge
Token Based InterfacesFIX: EMR gateway cannot open study by accession number for user linked to multiple repositories
PACS PushFIX: Sync - Study is moved again if study description contains special characters
ViewerClear warning on unsupported or suboptimal browsers
ViewerFIX: CT presets don't work CT series in case of drag & drop
ViewerFIX: New viewer doesn't work in IE11 if DOM Local Storage is disabled
WCFFIX: Series level C-FIND returns Study Procedure instead of SeriesDescription
ReportsFIX: Report text cannot be selected in the new viewer
PACS PushFIX: Sync - Automatic synchronization fails for studies with an empty accession number
DownloadFIX: When retention of PNG images has expired the option to download as PNG no longer functions
ViewerFIX: Compare does not work when series picker is not shown
ViewerFIX: Difference in fps and demanded framerate
ShareFIX: Print reference number - language not passed to confirmation dialog
ViewerFIX: Some MR series open with highest image number 
DICOM RouterFIX: Dicom Router doesn't accept associations from Osirix 11.0.4
ReportsFIX: Slovenian special characters not displayed correctly in report
WCFFIX: Maximum retry count for Storage commit
DICOM ProcessorFIX: Studies without accession number and study date are not processed
ReportsFIX: Report signature isn't copied when clicking "Copy Report" in the new viewer
DownloadFIX: Anonymization fails when client is not connected to server
LoginFIX: 'Check password' symbol (eye) not visible when password is filled-in by chrome
ExploreFIX: Viewer preferences not applied for users that are logged in via EMR gateway
WCFFIX: CFind on PatientID too slow
WCFFIX: CFind to POW Gateway returns '?' instead of special characters
LoginFIX: URL for Local import page is invalid when the patient name contains a point (.)

Release notes version 3.3.0 (19/06/2020)