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Copyright © 2015 - 2020 Dobco Medical Systems NV

All rights reserved.


Thank you for using PACSonWEB. The goal of this user manual is to help you familiarise yourself with the way the system works and with its operating instructions in the most efficient manner possible.

Please first read the general conditions of use before using PACSonWEB.



These browsers are supported and have been validated for diagnostic use:

  • Google Chrome (version 3669.0 - 8386.0)

These browsers are supported:

  • Internet Explorer Microsoft Edge (version 1132.0 - 1144.8360)Microsoft Edge
  • Firefox (version 3236.0 - 8381.0);Firefox
  • Safari macOS (version 3612.0 1 - 7714.0);
  • Safari iOS (version 711.3- 14.0 - 13.1))
  • Internet Explorer (version 11.0 - 11.836) This browser is not recommended and will no longer be supported in the near future.


PACSonWEB is a web based solution to distribute and visualize medical images and reports over the internet to requesting physicians and patients and among hospitals.
The embedded viewer contains image enhancement tools (window leveling, invert, spatial locator, reference lines, … ) and measurement functionalities (length, angle, vertical height, …) that allow PACSonWEB to be used for diagnostic purposes.

The PACSonWEB viewer complies with European Directive 93/42/EEC concerning medical devices and is certified as a CE class IIa device.


As a distribution medium, PACSonWEB is used to make medical images and reports, made at a hospital or private radiologist, available to the requesting physician over the internet.
The images are also available for reference to the patient. It is the decision of the radiology department if the report is also available to the patient or not.
Using the related reference codes, owned by the patient, the exam and report can easily be consulted by any physician that has a PACSonWEB account.
The images are available online for a period between 1 and 5 years, as determined by the sending radiology department.

As a diagnostic tool, PACSonWEB can be used by a radiologist to visualize and enhance available images and perform measurements in order to make a diagnosis. The report can be recorded within PACSonWEB.



It is the responsibility of the user to assure

  • that the monitor quality, ambient light and used image compression corresponds to the intended clinical usage !
  • that PACSonWEB is used on a supported browser
  • browser compatibility in case of an upgrade of the browser or the operating system of the device, used for running PACSonWEB
  • a sufficiently performing internet connection (for viewing: 3G or higher, 0.5 Mb /sec or higher; for downloading: 4G or higher, 15 Mb/sec or higher)
  • a sufficiently performing network connection (100 Mb LAN or higher, Wi-Fi 802.11 g or higher)


Dobco Medical Systems is not liable for malfunctions and damage stemming from installation, configuration, relocation, remodeling, maintenance and repair performed by parties other than Dobco Medical Systems or authorised personnel of Dobco Medical Systems.

Dobco Medical Systems is not liable for malfunctions and damage to Dobco Medical Systems products that are/is attributable to products of other manufacturers that were not supplied by Dobco Medical Systems.

Dobco Medical Systems is not liable for malfunctions and damage due to non-compliance with the precautionary measures and operational methods specified in this user manual.

Dobco Medical Systems is not liable for malfunctions and damage stemming from use of the product under ambient conditions which are outside the scope of the terms of use specified in this user manual, such as power supply, installation environment, etc.


‘PACSonWEB’ is a registered trademark of Dobco Medical Systems.


Consult the PACSonWEB operator manual for additional warnings and information regarding regulations.