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Access to a bucket can be revoked by clicking the cross icon at the end of the line.
When bucket access is withdrawn, you have the possibility to remove the exam from the bucket or to remove the entire bucket.


Reference number

This list contains all codes reference numbers that can be used to obtain access to the exam through the patient login.
Access through a specific code reference number can be withdrawn by clicking the cross icon at the end of the line.

From the list, it can be seen when each security code reference number was generated and from when until when it can be used, as allowed by the source.
In case the "Valid from" and "Valid to" date is not registered, there is no date restriction on the use of the security codereference number.

In case the radiology department requires the patient to pay for access to the study, access can be secured with an additional Pincode, provided to the patient upon payment.
This table lists the registered Pincode for each Security code reference number and the number of failed attempts to enter the Pincode. 

A radiology department can impose a minimum complexity for its security codesreference numbers. In case a security code reference number does not fulfill this requirement, the code it is marked with an icon and cannot be used to access the study.

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The button 'Regenerate security codesreference numbers' allows you to add the security codes reference numbers again, according to the configuration of the sending radiology department.

RSW Status

It's possible to send the study to RSW again by clicking on the Send button at the end of the line:

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Confirm your request by clicking Send.

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