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  • Language selection: Here you can choose the language for mails that are sent to you.
    Warning: The interface will always show in the language of your browser.
  • If you check ‘Remember column sorting in the overview page’, this sorting will be saved (4.1 Overview page configuration).


  • Always load full imagesimage data for window level:
    The study page will by default load the full 16-bit images, instead of the 8-bit gray scale images which allows you to use the window level functionality instantly.

  • Right click for function switch: when
    When activated, this allows to switch between the following functionalities by short clicks on the right mouse button:
    • Select
    • Window Level
    • Scrolling
    • Stepless zoom
    • Pan

  • Show prior studies in the series picker:
    All prior studies for the current patient that are accessible to you, will be made available in the series picker automatically.

  • Automatic Automatically start compare mode with most relevant prior study:
    This option is only available if 'Show Prior studies in series picker' has been enabled.
    When opening a study, the current study and the most relevant prior will be opened automatically in compare mode.
    Show the Patient History You can choose to do this only for a selection of modality types or, in case no specific modality types have been selected, it will be applied for all modality types.
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  • Show patient history bar:
    If selected, the patient history bar will be displayed at the bottom. See X 5.1 History for more information.

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  • Disable local image cache
    Your institution may use the option 4.12 Local image cache to make images available faster within the local network.
    If you are using PACSonWEB outside the local network, the local image cache is not reachable, hence it is preferred to disable this option. 

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