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Release notes version 3.2.900 (23/09/2019)

Project PlanRelease Note
GlobalIntegrate Digital Ordering in PACSonWEB
GlobalUpgrade .NET framework dependency to  4.8
GlobalSlovenian as UI language for PACSonWEB
GroupsGroup confirmation dialog: include all users for admins (also those that choose not to expose their contact details)
LoginDisplay clear message if results are not yet available for a security code.
LoginRepeat source contact number at the bottom of the support page
LoginBug Fix: 'Send backup SMS' does not work in OTP page when  using the authentication app
LoginBug Fix: OTP still send via mail when switching form SMS to mail
UsersReactivate account when logging  with Belgian EID
AccessAllow to hide studies for none strong authenticated users for your source
AnomaliesIn the anomalies page: Clear message when trying to merge patient that has already been merged (e.g. via ADT)
DownloadReduce impact of viewing studies with a large number of images (> 20.000) on PACSonWEB backend
DownloadBug fix: Download single image does not work in IE or Edge
DownloadAdditional access logging in case studies are downloaded from PACSonWEB
ViewerAdd support for reference lines and linked scrolling in CT multi-frame studies
ViewerBug Fix: Reference lines are off by 1 image
ViewerToolbar not drawn while loading study
ViewerBug Fix: Fetch for patients or when opening via COZO is no longer possible
ShareShow full patient name in email when allowed when authentication is required for security code
ReportsMerge home reading and PACSonWEB Authenticator app for Android & support switch language
Home Reading/Authentication AppPACSonWEB App for iOS: Improve usability
Dicom ProcessorSupport OtherPatientIDsSequence for sending social security numbers
MonitoringRefined monitoring detect a delay in uploading images to PACSonWEB
MonitoringAdd monitoring checks to WCF3 router embedded in the client
PACS PushBug fix: using  StudyInstanceUID as accession number resulted in unconstraint query in PACS synchronization
RouterBug Fix: images with space as accession number are stuck in the router queue
WCFBug fix: PACSonWEB gateway processing DICOM files (0kb) before they are fully saved by the DICOM Router, causing them to fail
WCFBug Fix: Incoming Images processing did not always recover form lost connections

Release notes version 3.2.801 (09/08/2019)

Project PlanRelease Note
DICOM Processor

Bug fix: for files that image upload to PACSonWEB (DICOM Processor failed)

  • If there is no accession nr. in the DICOM file
  • If Images were not registered by the WCF3 server
  • Images send to a client for one WCF client of one source but need to be linked to other source
WCFBug fix: Procedure of existing study updated to 'UNKNOWN' if no procedure is passed in ORM/ORU

Release notes version 3.2.800 (26/07/2019)

AccessShow/Hide "Add Study", based on user setting
AccessShow Bank-ID logins in access logging
Dicom ProcessorFix: correction in default window level in case the Study contains a VOILUT sequence
DownloadUpdate referring physician (0008:0090) when downloading or transferring a study
ExploreAllow user to change order of filters in the explore page
ExploreFix: Patient search based on National Number search for Norway and new countries
ExploreAdd order level information in the study administration
Explore"Select all" checkbox for selecting all studies in (filtered) PACSonWEB explore page
ExploreImproved performance for searching on Patient ID
GlobalInternet Explorer 9 and Internet Explorer 10 no longer supported
LoginNo OTP required to add study, requiring second factor authentication, in case the user is already strong authenticated
LoginUse of PACSonWEB authentication app for two-factor authentication
ReportsFix: ReferenceNumber in PrintReport template generated a new security code instead of printing an existing one
ReportsAllow to switch language during speech recognition (iOs only, Android app to be released with PACSonWEB 3.2.900)
RouterFix: improve performance of federated queries
RouterImproved throughput of DICOM Router in case of many faulty DICOM files
ShareIgnore the leading "0" when entering a mobile number when sharing a study
ShareFix: Anonymization/Pseudonymization creates a study instance UID that is more than 64 charachters
ShareBy default set two-factor authentication when sharing with a self defined recipient
AccessSources can impose "Break-the-Glass" requirement for group members of the requesting physician to motivate access
RSWFix: Limit retries for unregistered patients in RSW
COZOFix: GetTransactionList for patient with studies in multiple private practices
ViewerReload of a prior study after fetching does not change open study
ViewerImproved interaction with circle annotation
ViewerMake / Share / Hide annotations in PACSonWEB
ViewerFix: take in account origin tags for positioning of imported annotations
ViewerDownload single image as png, e.g. to use in a presentation.
WCFImproved handling of images with accession number in a non-default tag
WCFFix: "File in use by another process" exceptions while processing incoming images
WCFInvalid security codes in ORM or ORU no longer blocking for processing remainder of the message
WCFImprove performance of C-Move requests to PACSonWEB

Release notes version 3.2.701 (15/05/2019)