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  • the source from which the study originates
  • the reference number that has been used to access the study
  • the timestamp when the access attempt was registered
  • a 'Valid' flag to indicate that a token was requested successfully with the payment instance
  • a 'Paid' flag to indicate that the payment was registered successfully
  • A button 'Transactions' to call a pop-up, containing all transactions on the payment
    • The following types of transactions exist:
      • Authorization: the user has given authorization to perform the payment; money has not been transferred yet
      • Capture: payment has been performed, i.e. money has been transferred
      • Reversal: the payment has been reverted
    • The State indicates if the related transaction
      • has been initiated
      • is in progress
      • has completed successfully
      • has failed

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  • A button 'Reversal' to initiate a reversal of the payment.
    (warning) When reverting the payment, a refund will be initiated but the study will still be marked as payed for (warning)