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Detected in versionProject PlanDescriptionRelevant for user manual
3.2.300Import clientDate format dd/m/yyyy not correctly parsed when doing work list queriesYes
3.2.400Study pageQuick menu visible in Firefox after double clickYes
3.2.503Study PageViewing pane - Shift+drag does not work in Google Chrome 70.0 and Safari 12.0.1Yes
3.2.1000LoginOTP required when ADFS user logs in a first time Yes
3.2.1000Print reference numberGeneration of QR Codes in templates are not printed in IE Explorer/EdgeYes
3.3.0New viewerin Firefox, Pan-cursor is still active outside the viewer area, When releasing it over the series picker another series will be selected.Yes
3.3.1000FetchFetch doesn't work when 'AccessionnumberDicomTag' is used to sync with PACS on other tag than Accession nr.Yes
3.3.1000FetchFetch - When fetch is finished, the current study is moved to the bottom of the series picker listYes
3.3.1000FetchIf study has multiple study instance UID's it can happen it's fetched twice resulting in transfer anomaliesYes
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