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3.2.801Order numberIf a study with an empty order number is deleted and resend, you can get an order nr starting with 'DCREMOVED'
3.2.8012 factor authenticationOTP for a user created via active directory integration is send via SMS independent of OTP preferences
3.2.701RouterRouter can get in endless loop when looking for a file or folder that has been removed already - workaround available
3.2.600WCFConfiguration issue for Sync in case of multiple PACS systems - workaround available
3.2.503Study PageViewing pane - Shift+drag does not work in Google Chrome 70.0 and Safari 12.0.1
3.2.503DICOM ProcessorDICOM Processor removes non-numeric characters from OtherPatientIDs before validating if it's a national number
3.2.502WCFProcessing ADT fails when the birthdate < 1900-01-01
3.2.400Study pageQuick menu visible in Firefox after double click
3.2.300Import clientDateformat dd/m/yyyy not correctly parsed when doing worklist queries
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