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Release notes version 3.2.900 (23/09/2019)

Project PlanRelease Note
GlobalIntegrate Digital Ordering in PACSonWEB
GlobalUpgrade .NET framework dependency to  4.8
GlobalSlovenian as UI language for PACSonWEB
GroupsGroup confirmation dialog: include all users for admins (also those that choose not to expose their contact details)
LoginDisplay clear message if results are not yet available for a security code.
LoginRepeat source contact number at the bottom of the support page
LoginBug Fix: 'Send backup SMS' does not work in OTP page when  using the authentication app
LoginBug Fix: OTP still send via mail when switching form SMS to mail
UsersReactivate account when logging  with Belgian EID
AccessAllow to hide studies for none strong authenticated users for your source
AnomaliesIn the anomalies page: Clear message when trying to merge patient that has already been merged (e.g. via ADT)
DownloadReduce impact of viewing studies with a large number of images (> 20.000) on PACSonWEB backend
DownloadBug fix: Download single image does not work in IE or Edge
DownloadAdditional access logging in case studies are downloaded from PACSonWEB
ViewerAdd support for reference lines and linked scrolling in CT multi-frame studies
ViewerBug Fix: Reference lines are off by 1 image
ViewerToolbar not drawn while loading study
ViewerBug Fix: Fetch for patients or when opening via COZO is no longer possible
ShareShow full patient name in email when allowed when authentication is required for security code
ReportsMerge home reading and PACSonWEB Authenticator app for Android & support switch language
Home Reading/Authentication AppPACSonWEB App for iOS: Improve usability
Dicom ProcessorSupport OtherPatientIDsSequence for sending social security numbers
MonitoringRefined monitoring detect a delay in uploading images to PACSonWEB
MonitoringAdd monitoring checks to WCF3 router embedded in the client
PACS PushBug fix: using  StudyInstanceUID as accession number resulted in unconstraint query in PACS synchronization
RouterBug Fix: images with space as accession number are stuck in the router queue
WCFBug fix: PACSonWEB gateway processing DICOM files (0kb) before they are fully saved by the DICOM Router, causing them to fail
WCFBug Fix: Incoming Images processing did not always recover form lost connections

Release notes version 3.2.801 (09/08/2019)

Project PlanRelease Note
DICOM Processor

Bug fix: for files that image upload to PACSonWEB (DICOM Processor failed)

  • If there is no accession nr. in the DICOM file
  • If Images were not registered by the WCF3 server
  • Images send to a client for one WCF client of one source but need to be linked to other source
WCFBug fix: Procedure of existing study updated to 'UNKNOWN' if no procedure is passed in ORM/ORU

Release notes version 3.2.800 (26/07/2019)

AccessShow/Hide "Add Study", based on user setting
AccessShow Bank-ID logins in access logging
Dicom ProcessorFix: correction in default window level in case the Study contains a VOILUT sequence
DownloadUpdate referring physician (0008:0090) when downloading or transferring a study
ExploreAllow user to change order of filters in the explore page
ExploreFix: Patient search based on National Number search for Norway and new countries
ExploreAdd order level information in the study administration
Explore"Select all" checkbox for selecting all studies in (filtered) PACSonWEB explore page
ExploreImproved performance for searching on Patient ID
GlobalInternet Explorer 9 and Internet Explorer 10 no longer supported
LoginNo OTP required to add study, requiring second factor authentication, in case the user is already strong authenticated
LoginUse of PACSonWEB authentication app for two-factor authentication
ReportsFix: ReferenceNumber in PrintReport template generated a new security code instead of printing an existing one
ReportsAllow to switch language during speech recognition (iOs only, Android app to be released with PACSonWEB 3.2.900)
RouterFix: improve performance of federated queries
RouterImproved throughput of DICOM Router in case of many faulty DICOM files
ShareIgnore the leading "0" when entering a mobile number when sharing a study
ShareFix: Anonymization/Pseudonymization creates a study instance UID that is more than 64 charachters
ShareBy default set two-factor authentication when sharing with a self defined recipient
AccessSources can impose "Break-the-Glass" requirement for group members of the requesting physician to motivate access
RSWFix: Limit retries for unregistered patients in RSW
COZOFix: GetTransactionList for patient with studies in multiple private practices
ViewerReload of a prior study after fetching does not change open study
ViewerImproved interaction with circle annotation
ViewerMake / Share / Hide annotations in PACSonWEB
ViewerFix: take in account origin tags for positioning of imported annotations
ViewerDownload single image as png, e.g. to use in a presentation.
WCFImproved handling of images with accession number in a non-default tag
WCFFix: "File in use by another process" exceptions while processing incoming images
WCFInvalid security codes in ORM or ORU no longer blocking for processing remainder of the message
WCFImprove performance of C-Move requests to PACSonWEB

Release notes version 3.2.701 (15/05/2019)

ShareBug fix: Default anonymization gets stuck on 'loading files...'
DICOM ProcessorBug Fix: Incorrect default window level issue for multi frames with SharedFunctionalGroupSequence
DICOM ProcessorBug FIx: Incorrect default window level on images that have VOILUT and a Window width and center tags populated
GlobalT+left click listed for 3-point angle, while implemented shortcut is G+left click
ShareBug Fix: Only one line is shown in forward status
LoginBug fix: Can't login with delegate user

Release notes version 3.2.700 (10/05/2019)


Customized Support FAQ page: hints in case of user issues for patients and requesting physicians 

DICOM router

Federated query: C-Find, C-Move for studies of other sources for a patient in order to make studies from PACSonWEB available in the local PACS system


Improved EMR/PACSonWEB URL integration : access logging on correct user & personal annotations

LoginUsability improvement for 2 factor authentication: OTP via mail or SMS, mail token to allow adding mobile number

Spanish and Italian as GUI language

RSWeHealth: RSW cloud-to-cloud integration: delete transaction + retry failed posts

New tools: line and 3 point angel annotations


Search on Patient ID in PACSonWEB overview page


Anonymization/Pseudonymization schemes (paying feature): allows to apply a specific anonymization scheme e.g. for studies used in a research project

ShareChange label to 'medical department' in sharing
AccessRADION - for new requesting physician, get RIZIV numbers from name suffix in DICOM header to map to a PACSonWEB user
PACS PushRemoving study based on StudyInstanceUID sometimes not correct when study has multiple studyInstanceUIDs
Dicom ProcessorBug fix: source setting 'getReportFromSR=false' is not respected
ReportsPrint report uses PACSonWEB user language instead of browser language
UsersImprovements in mails to users: Mr. /Ms. Based on gender
ViewerExtend URL integration to allow passing an order number 
LoginTrust this computer for 30 days. Don't ask OTP again.
LoginDon't show Cookies warning in an EMR integration
StudiesBug fix: DICOM Tags not shown in 'Dicom Tags'-popup
GroupsAdmin users should be able to see all group members, even those that don't show contact details
ShareBug fix: Avoid two bucket codes generated when sharing studies from the PACS Overlay
RouterBug fix: add support in DICOM router for accession numbers that contain system reserved characters
DownloadBug fix: Error when transferring study a second time when the 'imported' label was added
ShareBug fix: Email validation fails when email address domain contains an uppercase value
ExploreImprove usability of Add study
LoginBug fix: Password box is shown after invalid login with AD/FS
GlobalAdd warning that 3.2.700 is the last version that supports IE9 and IE10
StudiesAutomatically reload study when the fetch is finished
AccessSend text messages when images are available only after receiving HL7
LoginBug fix: Reset passwords sends multiple mails, only last one works
FavoritesShow favorite medical department in user settings
StudiesBug fix: Cannot merge studies (e.g. when accession number changes) after a transfer action
RouterAllow to enforce transfer syntax
AccessSource setting to allow or block automated sharing of exams with group members

Release notes version 3.2.603 (12/02/2019)

WCFBug fix: When a series moves between studies, images are still linked to original study => broken image icon
ViewerDon't show studies with empty order number as being from same order
ViewerDon't show tutorial when opening PACSonWEB from EMR
LoginConfigurable timing for logout on inactivity for PACSonWEB in EMR integrations
ViewerBug fix: Script error when selecting window level preset before series is fully loaded in embedded browser

Release notes version 3.2.602 (28/01/2019)

ShareRemember previous share settings
ShareAllow sending of Reference number and OTP code to the same destination type (mail / mobile) based on source setting

Release notes version 3.2.601 (24/01/2019)

LoginBug fix: Not possible to login with username and password if no mobile number is registered
LoginBug fix: SendOTPToMail not working if no mobile number is registered
DICOM routerResolved performance issue for image processing
ExploreResolved performance issue for queries on security code
COZOBug fix: Open study through COZO link
LoginEnhanced layout of customer logo on login page
ShareQuick sharing with non-PACSonWEB users
WCFImproved performance by load balancing on ORM processing
DICOM Processor

Support additional SOP classes to get report from DICOM SR reports:

  • 1.2.840.10008. Enhanced SR  
  • 1.2.840.10008. Comprehensive SR
DICOM ProcessorBug fix: Densitometry secondary captures not correctly processed

Release notes version 3.2.600 (11/01/2019)

LoginRequired Opt-in terms and conditions on login page
LoginEnhanced AD / ADFS login
LoginLogin page restyled
LoginPatient login through Bank ID (Norway only)
LoginMinimum requirements for security codes
SharingReworked sharing for better usability
SharingBug fix for Retrying a share task creates the bucket/POW code

Improved patient privacy in sharing mails

SharingValidity period for shared studies configurable on source level
Study PageFaster way for loading 16-bit images
Study Page

Bug fix: Diacritics not shown properly in "Show DICOM tags"

Study PageAutomatically link series with same table position
Study PageStepless zoom - freeze and change cursor on the spot you want to zoom on
Study PageFetch images for created studies, based on ORU only
DICOM processorSR support for nested sequences
ManagementDICOM tag filter management
ReportCorrect handling of SR report status (partial, preliminary, unverified, validated)
DICOM RouterUI for standalone router
MonitoringManagement tool for Checks

Release notes versie 3.2.503 (31/10/2018)

LoginImprovement: AD integration login also accounts for trusted subdomains
ShareBug Fix: transfer fails due to incorrect use of the 'Created' TimeStamp

Release notes versie 3.2.502 (14/09/2018)

AccessBug Fix: security patch for restriction of access for source admins on shared repo

Release notes versie 3.2.501 (13/09/2018)

ViewerBug fix: series grouping of XA images, based on  SOPInstanceUID
ShareBug fix: Sharing of a study with a blocking anomaly is not possible and a clear warning on the issue is shown
ExploreUnfiltered list is displayed immediately after clicking "Reset filters" in explore page
DICOM ProcessorImproved load balancing in DICOM processor

Release notes version 3.2.500 (29/08/2018)

GeneralUse of language picker for faster switching of interface language
GeneralNew Feature: PACS archiving in PACSonWEB
SharingBug fix: Uploading studies from PACS overlay for non PACSonWEB users
SharingSharing with a group: possibility to send notification mail to entire group
SharingAdjustment on access rights when sharing study multiple times with the same user
Study PageGrouping of XA modality on SOPInstanceUID in sead of SeriesInstanceUID
Study PageDefault use of (0008,2144) RecommendedDisplayFrameRate in Cine loop
Explore PageIncreased stability for preforming large worklist queries
Explore PageCorrection in case of anomalies for small screens
Explore PageDisable filter fields when query is running
ReportsBug fix: reports not visible on small devices when no images
UsersSupport for multiple physician numbers per registered user
LoginNew Feature: payment module for patients
MonitoringAdvanced monitoring on local installations
Active DirectoryNew Feature: support for Active Directory Federated Services (ADFS)
AccessIncreased security on automated mappings
InterfacesNew Feature: Direct link from EMR to PACSonWEB
InterfacesNew Feature: RSW and Abrumed integration
WCFAllow ADT patient merges in case of study anomaly
DICOM RouterEnhanced DICOM router: support JPEG 2000 transfer syntax, remote configuration, PACS archiving
ReportsImproved parsing of HTML reports

Release notes version 3.2.402 (05/07/2018)

StudiesBug fix: In case a DICOM file or HL7 message is received for a known Study instance EUID or accession number but a different patient an anomaly is registered

Release notes version 3.2.401 (07/05/2018)

ViewerBug Fix: patients no longer get an error message when fetching expired images with a providing source
Image viewing and manipulationBug Fix: location of density measurement now aligned with tip of droplet picker

Release notes version 3.2.400 (13/04/2018)

GeneralSupport links to PACSonWEB from MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, ...
GeneralAdvanced detection and blocking of unsafe HTML tags
Share StudyModify expiration date for shared studies
Share StudyEnhancement: Clearing patient information from private DICOM tags when sharing a study anonymously
Study PageNew Feature: Indication on how long images will be available
Study pageSmall enhancements on patient anomalies overview page
Study PageImproved scrolling sensitivity in CT and MR series
Study PageClear message if report is not, not yet or will never be available for patient and requesting physician
Study PageImproved usability for changing measurements
Study PageBug fix: window level for multiframe tomo
Explore PageClear indication which filters are set
Explore PageFilter fields are blocked when performing a search
ReportsNew feature: Make report available to patients after x days
UsersSupporting identification numbers from other countries for physicians (RIZIV, HIN, INSEE, ...)
ManagementImplementation of SQL and task manager
Login PagePrivacy policy is available from the login page (GDPR compliance)
PACS PushHL7 based filtering for DICOM forward scenario
GroupsImproved usability for group management confirmation
AdministrationAutomatic sending of mails for new accounts and password reset
Home ReadingWarning in case no postback to RIS is possible due to missing information
Active DirectoryEnhancement for better AD account handling

Release notes version 3.2.300 (27/12/2017)

3.2.300GeneralFine-tune banner information
3.2.300Home ReadingVersion check on app upon startup
3.2.300Home ReadingDisable automatic time-out on microphone in case of no speech
3.2.300SharingNew feature: Email on new study, checkbox per mapping
3.2.300SharingPreferences on sharing settings are retained
3.2.300Explore PageNew Feature: Display multiple modalities
3.2.300WCFImproved HL7 handling (multiple report types, cancel messages, ADT)
3.2.300DICOM ProcessorBug Fix: handling of XA images
3.2.300Study PageNew feature: Fetch functionality for expired images
3.2.300Study PageDisplay all exams in series picker in case of multiple studies for same order
3.2.300Study PageExtended feature: Anomalies on patient level
3.2.300Study PageShow original DICOM tags for source admins
3.2.300ManagementAdvanced user and group management functionality
3.2.300ManagementCOZO encryption support tool
3.2.300AdministrationNew Feature: Possibility to regenerate security codes
3.2.300AdministrationTimestamp on access registration
3.2.300TransferFailover in case WCF crashes during transfer
3.2.300TransferAccession numbers are displayed with progress bar
3.2.300Active directoryActive directory integration enhancements
3.2.300PACS PushImproved handling on reopened exams

Release notes version 3.2.200 (26/07/2017)

3.2.200Home ReadingNew Feature: Possibility to create a report using speech recognition through app on smartphone (iPhone + Android)
3.2.200SharingPossibility to revoke access, granted through POW bucket code
3.2.200Explore PageMessage to clear filter from explore page in case of no results
3.2.200Explore PagePerformance improvement on loading explore list
3.2.200DICOM ProcessorProcessing of ColorSoftcopyPresentationStateStorage (CSPS) files
3.2.200Study PageBug fix: printing single issue from Chrome
3.2.200Study PageLocking mechanism when editing report

Release notes version 3.2.102 (23/06/2017)

ViewerBug fix: opening exam takes too long due to query to look for removed images

Release notes version 3.2.101 (15/06/2017)

LoginBug fix: issue with password reset in case password has expired
COZOBug fix: issue with access through COZO

Release notes version 3.2.100 (13/06/2017)

GeneralAdaptation of 'About box and terms and conditions' as PACSonWEB is now certified as a CE class IIa medical device
LoginMail on password reset procedure
Explore PageAdd studies for a group instead of a single user (only for group admin)
Explore PageClear filters from within explore pane when no results match the given criteria
Study PagePossibility to add the report as SR when downloading
Study PageNotification when images are removed due to expiration of retention
Study TransferRetry on progress page in case transfer fails
Study PageNew Feature: Fast select + shortcuts for stepless zoom / pan / window level
AD integrationAllow trusted IPs when logging in using AD authentication
AdministrationExtended logging on admin access
COZOExtended logging on study access through COZO

Release notes version 3.2.0 (20 March 2017)

General New Feature: Information banner for notifications
GeneralNew functionality: link to localized manual (WEB + PDF)
GeneralEnhanced About box
LoginEnhanced login page

Security enhancements (generic messages)

Explore PageNew functionality: Message labels for sharing with user
Explore PageNew functionality: Filtering on national number
Explore PageBug Fix: sharing +20 exams at once
Study PageNew functionality: Notification on clinical use
Study PageNew functionality: copying of report
Study PageBug Fix: caching issue in case an exam is opened before the images are available
Study PageNew Feature: Display of registered Anomalies

New Feature: New management pages with enhanced functionality + look and feel

AdministrationNew Feature: Administration of registered Anomalies
PACS PushEnhancements PACS Push


Back-end for manual synchronization of studies


Enhanced synchronization PACS - PACSonWEB
COZOEnhanced audit trail COZO

Release notes version 3.1.201 (19 January 2017)

SharingDOB is incorrectly displayed in sharing Wizard
COZOFix for audit trail end-point
Export to PACSOsirix import fix

Release notes version 3.1.200 (18 November 2016)

Explore Page
New feature: Option to print sharing information in different language is available in the "Forward Status page"
Explore PageFix: Time out on downloading very large studies
SharingFix: Date restriction for sharing a study
SharingNew Feature: Share with user unlimited in time
GeneralNew feature: Manual can be downloaded as PDF from the help function
Export to PACSFix: Issue with progress bar
Study pageNew feature: Default 1-up representation on mobile devices
Study PageFix: Translation for tool labels
Login PageNew Feature: Login via Active Directory on e-mail address instead of Windows user name

Release notes version 3.1.100 (24 October 2016)

Login PageNew Feature: Login history available from the user settings page
Study PageNew Feature: Density measurement tool available for CT in study page
Export to PACSNew Feature: DICOM IMPORT tool available for controlled import of studies from PACSonWEB into the local PACS (optional)
Study PageFix: Report cannot be copied when not in edit mode

Release notes version 3.1.1 (14 October 2016)

Login PageFix: SMS code for activation when logging in with eID for new accounts
Login PageFix: eID session is closed when logging out
Login PageNew Feature: Redirect to new study page is activated for anonymous login
Study PageFix: bug for a specific version of IE11

Release notes version 3.1.0 (14 October 2016)

GeneralFix: Group validation not shown for users not in group
GeneralChange request: Doctors national number format has been adapted (RIZIV in Dutch)
Login PageNew feature: eID allow users to automatically logon - Only for physicians
Login PageNew feature: Accounts can have expiration date, necessary for temporary employees
SharingNew feature: Remove favorites in address book from sharing wizard
SharingFix: Scroll bar added to sharing wizard when selecting multiple exams from the explore page
SharingFix: Subject read notification is localized
SharingNew feature: Custom formatting/Layout of e-mails
SharingNew feature: Read/Write rights can be delegated if allowed by source
Explore PageNew feature: Download multiple exams simultaneously
Explore PageNew feature: Search POW code in progress overview
Explore PageNew feature: Sorting remains after auto refresh (account setting)
Explore PageNew feature: Filtering on access numbers with algoritm applied
Study PageNew feature: NEW viewer (phased activation)
Study PageNew feature: Automatic signature when modifying report
Study PageNew feature: Better indication when modifying report (red border)
Study PageNew feature: New administration page for administrative manipulations and access consultation
Image Clean-upChange: Improvements to information Life Cycle Management
WorkflowFix: Fix for downloading PNG images for very large studies
User SettingsFix: Layout fixes for Safari
DICOM RouterKnown bug: Study Instance UID might not be updated in particular cases when HL7 arrives before images
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