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This instruction shows you how to share a study with a user .

STEP 1: Select the studies that you wish to share.

STEP 2: Select your recipient(s)

You can select a recipient by :

  1. clicking the 'favorites' icon.
  2. filling out criteria with the field 'recipient'.
  3. clicking the 'search' icon.

You can add additional recipients by clicking  

1. Favorites :

By clicking the icon, your list of favorites will be shown.
Clicking a favorite will automatically add this user as a recipient.

You can add favorites to your list :

    • from your address book
    • by selecting a user and highlighting the star icon:

Be aware: the user will be added to your list of favorites, after the share action has been completed.

2. Searching for a recipient

From the search bar, you can look up a user by:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Physician number (RIZIV, BIG, INSEE, HIN, UCGN, PNB ... )
  • Mobile number (if public)
  • Email address (if public)

3. Detailed search

From this screen, you can use specific selection criteria to look up and select the desired user, group or radiology department as recipient.

If you have selected a recipient, you can add the following options:

  • two-factor-authentication
    In case the recipient wants to consult the shared study, a one-time-password will be sent by text message to the registered mobile number and needs to be entered before access is given.

If the user gives an erroneous OTP 5 times in succession, the bucket is blocked.
The bucket can be unlocked by the Service desk or an admin user of the sending radiology department (see 4.8 Status Forwarding )

  • Send Mail:

    The user with whom the study was shared, will receive an email with the following information:

    • that an exam has been shared

    • who shared the exam

    • which exam was shared (patient initials, description of the exam, date of the exam) + a link to open the exam

    • the message in case this was entered by the sender when sharing

STEP 3: Parameters for sharing

1. When sharing a study with a user, you can opt for

  • Images and read access to the report
  • Images and write access to the report

The option 'Images only' is not available when sharing with a user.

2. You need to register a 'Reason for sharing'. The reason is not communicated to the recipient but is mandatory and will be registered in PACSonWEB.

3. The language, used for sending the message:
By default the language of the first recipient is selected but you can change the language by using the drop down menu.

In case you select multiple recipients with different languages, the mail is sent to all recipients, using the language of the first recipient.

If however, the majority of the recipients have the same language, this is the language taht will be selected automatically.

4. Valid till (dd/mm/yyyy)

By default the validity period is set to 1 month but you can change this by:

  • filling out the desired time period manually.
  • selecting a date, using the calendar icon.
  • selecting the option 'Unlimited access'.

The default validity period can be configured for each sending radiology department. PACSonWEB offers the possibility to define a default or maximal validity period.
The option 'Unlimited access' can also be deactivated on a source level.

In case a specific configuration is desired, please contact the service desk.

5. Patient Agreed
This must always be checked, because without the patient’s consent the study may not be shared.

6. Optional settings

  • ‘Urgent’ :
    This adds 'Urgent' to the subject of the related mail

  • 'Anonymize' :
    This replaces the name of the patient:
    • The first name is replaced by a number
    • The last name is replaced by Anonymous

The report for an anonymized study will never be accessible, even if you selected the option 'Images and read access on the report' or 'Images and write access on the report'.

  • Allow further sharing
    Activating this option allows the recipient to share the study further with other recipients

  • Message
    If you add a message, it is added to the mail, sent to the recipient and it is visible to the recipient when opening the study in PACSonWEB.

When sharing a study with a user the same values for the following parameters are selected automatically with the next user sharing operation:

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Send mail

STEP 4: Confirmation

A pop-up window with the information about the shared study will be displayed.

  • With the button "Copy this information", the content of the pop-up is copied to the clipboard so e.g. it can be pasted into your own email.

  • In case ‘Send e-mail’ is checked, the recipient will receive an e-mail with a link to the study and the message that you have shared a study with him/her.

  • The exam will be available in the overview list of the receiver for the time period as entered by the sender.
  • If the sender has specified a message this will be indicated on the explore page with a separate label "Message".
    In case the study hasn't been opened yet, the label 'Message' will be red . Once the study has been opened, the label turns green .

  • The message is available within the exam as a separate series

  • Using ‘Share again’ you can share the same set of studies again with another recipient.

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