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It is NOT allowed to use PACSonWEB for diagnostic purposes in case you are connected with a reference number !!

To view your images as a patient, go to the radiology website mentioned in the letter/e-mail containing your reference number.

Click on the ‘I am a patient’ box.

The following window will be displayed, where you must enter your reference code (see radiology letter/e-mail) and date of birth.

Then click on ‘Go to the study’.
In case your reference code gives access to an order with several exams, the first exam will be opened and the other exams are accessible through the Series picker and the History bar.

You will only have access to the report if this is permitted by the radiology service.

In case the combination of reference number and date of birth is registered in PACSonWEB but no report or images have been received yet, the message “Your results are not available yet, please try again later.” will be displayed.

If you enter an incorrect combination, the following error message will be displayed.

If you enter an incorrect combination several times, you will be blocked from further login attempts.

Depending on the authentication method that the radiology service has chosen, your study will be displayed for viewing or you will be redirected to one of he following pages:

OPTION 1: One-Time-Password required

If this page is displayed, you must enter the OTP (= One Time Password) that you received either through e-mail or SMS.

Once you’ve entered the OTP, you will obtain access to your images as well as the report.

OPTION 2: Payment required

If the radiology service requires that the study is payed before allowing access, you will need to validate your mobile number first.

The pop-up will state the study date and the hospital where the study was carried out and the (partially masked) mobile number that was registered at the hospital for the related patient.

In case the mobile phone number is not correct, click "No".
You will be shown a pop-up, stating the details of the radiology department you can contact to have your mobile phone number corrected.

In case the mobile phone number is correct, click "Yes".
You will be shown a pop-up where you can choose your preferred payment method.

After the payment has been processed successfully, you will receive an SMS Token which you need to access your exam.

Once a study has been payed for, you can have access to the exam at any time by entering the same reference number, date of birth and Pincode.

If you experience problems logging in, please don’t hesitate to contact our Service Desk. In the Benelux countries you can call 03/780 17 40 or e-mail For other countries you can contact the radiology service or Dobco Medical Systems’ local partner.

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